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We are seasoned experts in providing accurate and honest financial and budgeting advice to people, at any stage of their life.

From our personal experience, we know there are times when money is tight. In those situations we may resort to temporary solutions such as a payday loan company, who give us almost instant cash to be re-paid at a later time. We defer the thought of high-interest costs until way down the line. But these quick financial fixes often come with additional charges and unfair loan terms, which can be damaging to your credit score.

By speaking with one of our experts today you can be assured that you will receive professional advice for affordable prices. We offer a free initial consultation and personal finance plan, which is obligation free.  

Read on for some of our most popular services:

Personal Finance Planning

We will meet with you in person, over the phone or via Skype to discuss your circumstances and to draw up a comprehensive personal budget or financial plan for short-term or long-term use.

Business Finance

We’ve been operating as a business for more than 20-years and know what it takes to keep the books healthy! We can advise any business but have in-house specialist knowledge in the real estate and removals industries, but our diverse clients even include a business selling tattoo removal machines! Click here to learn more.


We run an extensive investment portfolio and regularly update our clients on low, medium and high risk opportunities for adding to their capital. This service is available for individuals and businesses alike.


Although you might feel it is too late to budget for Christmas, working out what you currently earn against what your predicted expenditure is, enables you to spend accordingly. Put together a spreadsheet, or hand-write a budget, and you could identify areas to improve on your spending. Who knows, you might even be able to spend more on presents than you anticipated? It is also worth considering where you can save money on other Christmas expenses such as food shopping. Let your budget guide you when deciding what you can and cannot afford. Being thrifty now could mean that you can afford to buy additional gifts or food when Christmas gets closer.


Nowadays, retailers advertise sales throughout the year, be it black Friday, January sales, or online discounts. Rather than paying extortionate amounts for gifts before Christmas, why not treat someone to a shopping day in the January sales? They can then buy more, cheaper items (ultimately meaning a better present) whilst you spend some quality time together.

Credit cards

Rather than obtaining a payday loan, credit cards are often a better, cheaper source of finance. When you pay the debt back on a credit card, your credit rating improves, especially if you can pay it off sooner than it is due, and you pay more than the minimum requirement. Additionally, the overall rate of interest you pay back is cheaper. As new credit card deals are offered regularly, it might even be time for you to consider switching your credit card balance to an offer giving you a lower rate of interest (some companies offer 0% interest on cards).

Limit spending and shop around

Although it can be very tempting to spend large amounts of money on presents for family and friends, it is important to spend within your means to prevent future problems. Before placing an expensive item in your shopping basket, consider alternatives or even an alternative supplier. Many goods can be purchased more cheaply online than in store. If you are used to shopping for food at an expensive supermarket, consider changing to a cheaper alternative and you might be surprised to realise how much you could be saving throughout the year.

Create your own presents and accessories

Do you have a creative talent that you have been hiding? Why not use it to create your own presents? Your loved ones might appreciate a gift that you have personally created more than a purchased one. If you feel that your creative talents are questionable, you could limit your creative output to a Christmas card or a gift-tag instead. This could also be extended to the kitchen. Rather than paying for sausage rolls and sandwiches, could you make your own? By purchasing a wine-making kit, you could also create your own bottles of alcohol to be given away as presents, or consumed over the festive period.

Although payday loans can be a suitable source of funding when emergency cash is required, it is not advisable to use them to fund expenditure over Christmas. Due to the high rates of interest and additional fees applicable for payments that default, an enjoyable Christmas can soon be forgotten when you receive a letter stating that a large repayment is due.

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